Super Steal

I should be a spokesperson for Lowe's or something.  I just keep running across great deals and can't keep them to myself.  I shared the pillow deal the other day (which by the way it looks like they've upped the price to $9.98 now) and while shopping for a client I found another steal!  It looks like they may be clearancing out a lot of their Allen & Roth home decor items, because this 5 x 8 greek key rug is $42!  It was $168 so that's a 75% savings!  It says it's 100% wool.  I like that the tone on tone greek key pattern is more subtle.  

It comes in blue and cream.


I picked one up for my office yesterday because I just couldn't resist such a good deal.  I've been looking for a rug for in there for a while for the right price.  I have to say I am very pleased with it.  It has a nice pile and feels very well made.  You would normally pay $42 for one of those cheapo rugs they put out at back to school time for college dorm rooms.  If you are in need of a rug I would check it out!  I snapped a quick cell phone picture of it last night so you can get an idea of what it looks like in person.  You can tell the texture/pattern a little better here.

Found any other great deals on rugs lately?  I usually check out Rugs USA when they have their big sales.

p.s.-If you do a search for "Allen & Roth" I found a few more pillow covers for $2.49 and there may be even more deals that I haven't discovered yet! 


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a deal! It looks great!!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

I just noticed the pillow price update this morning because I tried to order some for my sister-in-law. Boo! She's out of luck there. Love the rug too, looks beautiful!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Thanks! Julia, that's too bad. I hate that they changed the price on that.

Tiffany said...

I bought two cream ones for the basement that I will sew together to make one big rug for $84. Can't beat that! And the inventory online isn't accurate; I went to a Lowe's that the website said 0 in stock and in fact they had 4 in stock in the cream.

Unknown said...

I went to Lowes today and found one of the cute geometric pillow covers in the clearance bin - happened to not have the packaging so she gave it to me for $1.50! I also found another one for my sofa that was embroidered and again she gave me the last two for $1.50 each. Thanks for the great advice! I really wanted the rug in the light blue, but the light blue is really more green than blue.

Jesse said...

I bought the rug today thanks to your tip - It wasn't on display... it was all rolled up on the top of a massive aisle. The guy who got it down for me couldn't belive the price on it! I got the blue one, its a real soft blue/green and looks great in my living room. Its still a little too small but for $42, it will work in the mean time and will look great under the dining table once I find the perfect rug! Thank you so much for the tip!!

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