Favorite IKEA Products

I made a quick trip to IKEA the other day and thought I'd share a few of the fun things I came across while I was there.  I didn't have much time to really look so these are just things I happened to see as I was walking by.  Some of these are my IKEA staples, things that I buy again and again and some are new (or new to me) things.

Let's start with some of my favorites that I use often. 

These are great little bookshelves, especially for a playroom or a nursery.

I have the white version of these plates and they are great, but the pink is so fun!  I bought them when they were a special deal with the IKEA family program.  

The Ritva curtains are one of my all time favorites.  They are affordable and you can easily customize them with trim, dye them, or even stencil them.  They are also great as is when you just want a plain curtain panel that doesn't distract.  I love that they are long too, 98 inches.  Here are a few projects I've done with them (fabric trimmed curtains and greek key trimmed curtains)  

These little faux sheepskin rugs are perfect for adding a touch of texture to a small area.  You can also use them to cover a small bench or just drape it over one if you don't want to commit.  I used one in my daughter's teepee to add some coziness.  

I used these drawer organizers in my son's nursery and they are great.  I love how they perfectly fit the IKEA furniture so they maximize the storage.  

We used these picture ledge shelves in our living room here before we updated them with these.  You can use several in a row to make a longer ledge or use them for bookshelves.  

Their frames are great too.  I especially like the Ribbas.  They are clean and classic and come in several different sizes, perfect for creating a gallery wall.

These plain white pillowcases are the perfect blank canvas for a DIY project and they are super cheap.  You couldn't make them for $4.  I've been wanting to try this technique on them. 

And now for some new things I spotted.

This isn't a new product, but a new way I saw it displayed.  I wouldn't have thought to hang one of these shelving units on the wall, but I actually think it works well here.  Painting it the same color as the wall makes it seem less obtrusive.  It's a great way to add storage in a small space.  They also carry fake fiddle leaf figs now.  They looked a little on the fake side, but maybe if you played with the  leaves a little you could make it look a little more realistic.  It was $49. 

Loved these lanterns for a patio space.  The scale was pretty large, which is part of why I liked them, so I would add a nice chunky pillar candle.  

The perfect little pedestal to keep by the kitchen sink.  I think it would be a great little spot for soap, lotion and a few sponges.

A great basket for produce.

They had several great throw blankets.  I liked this classic linen one.  

More great texture on these headboards.

I always enjoy checking out their fabric department.  Lots of great patterns and the prices are usually under $10 a yard.

If you have a room with limited closet space, I think this pretty hanging rack would be a great solution.  

A few of these over an island would be great and they looked even better in person.  The cord is sold separately from the shade so you can mix and match.  I liked the large glass globe with the brass cord kit.  

More great texture with these chairs.

A great, classic lamp that could be used pretty much anywhere.  

What are your go to ikea products?   


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