Wood Stain Pen

Thank you all for your kind words on my bamboo dresser!  I still can't get over what a good deal it was.  I mentioned in my last post that I initially wasn't sure if I needed to paint it due to some slightly damaged areas.  I really loved the wood so I decided to try to make it work and thought I'd share something that really made a difference.  A lot of you may already know about these stain markers, but I thought I'd share just in case.  They are a great tool to keep around.

They are great for touching up any piece of furniture that is showing a little too much wear.  It's really amazing at what a difference it makes.  I love to use them on my wood floors too, because we are constantly getting dings in them.  There are lots of different brands and colors, I just picked this one up at Home Depot.  

It's not a dramatic difference, but it takes it from looking a little rough around the edges to more vintage.

I touched up some of the drawers and worn areas on the front as well. 

Most people probably wouldn't even notice, but it made a big difference to me!  My long term plan is to put a piano in this space and when that happens I'm thinking about moving this piece up to our bedroom.  Don't you think it would really shine against the black walls?  For now I'm loving it here, but I think I would love it anywhere!


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