My Weekend

This weekend I had a great time meeting up with some local blogging friends (SummerMallory, and Beth)  We had a great time talking "blog talk" and searching for treasures at a few local places.  

We started at VTG CLT and found some good inspiration….

This paper chandelier was adorable.  Wouldn't it be great with metallic paper too?  Perfect for a party or a kids space!

This wall hanging would make a cool DIY project and seems like it would be fairly simple to make.

A fun take on a Sputnik-esque light.  I think she used this IKEA light as the base.

Another fun wall hanging using a branch and some string.

Then Summer and I headed over to The Catawba River Antique Mall to check out Emily Clark's booth.  

I wasn't really searching for anything in particular, just looking for a little inspiration and I found plenty!

Loved the shape, style, and nailhead trim on this bench.

and how cool is this light?

These tables had cool lines.

and here's Emily's booth!  Lots of great stuff!

And in another booth I found this fun old phone.  We don't have anywhere to use it, but I thought it would be fun for my daughter to play with.  It was a little too pricey though.  You might see me do a DIY knock off soon :)

Loved this side table, such great texture and interest!

And this chandelier was a really great price.  It had some unique faceting that made it less 90's-ish and more unique.  

This basket was really neat and realllllly heavy.  It was made out of pieces of wood.  I thought it would make a cool light fixture turned sideways with a light kit, but it was a little more than I would want to pay.  Maybe another fun DIY!

I'm always drawn to these rolling maps.  

We saw lots of other great inspiration too, but those are the highlights!  Be sure to head over to Summer's blog to see what she found.  You won't believe it, I'm still slightly jealous :)


Unknown said...

oh it looks like SOOOO much fun!!!!!!!!! and i love that wall hanging!

Unknown said...

What a fun time! I would have a blast hanging out with you ladies!

Unknown said...

Looks so fun! Love all the chandy!

Unknown said...

How fun is that! Loved the cool finds. Those wall hangings were awesome. Totally DIYable:) Thanks for sharing sweets.

Unknown said...

So much fun hanging this weekend, and I am SO bummed I missed the last part of the adventure! I think that I dreamed about that acrylic light last night!

Unknown said...

It was SO fun Bethany, I want to do it every weekend! So much great stuff that I couldn't take it all in and it was so fun to hang you with you! Next time Mal and Beth better not bail :)

Unknown said...

Wow! You found a ton of great inspiration. Looks like such a fin weekend!

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