Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

I have lots of fun stuff to share but I loaned my camera out and I'm waiting to take some pictures when I get it back.  But for now I'll leave you with a few inexpensive gifts I've found around the web via Pinterest and my own perusing.  These would make great stocking stuffers too and the prices can't be beat!

Target has some great Michael Kors knockoff watches.  They are a great way to jump on the boyfriend watch bandwagon without breaking the bank.  They range from around $15-$20.  

love this watch from Etsy, the leather band gives it a bracelet feel

I actually ordered this next gift idea for myself.  Sometimes you don't want to take your whole purse (or in my case, diaper bag) into a store if you are just running in.  I thought this would be the perfect thing to keep the essentials all in one place so I could just grab it and go.  It will hold my phone, a few credit cards, ID, maybe a small tube of lip gloss, and some cash.  I just ordered this yesterday so I'm not sure of the quality but for around $7 it's a great deal.  

Small earrings have become my new thing because dangly ones are just too much of a temptation for the little one and when she grabs a hold of it there's just no letting go, ouch!  These small studs from Forever 21 are cute and come in three different metallic shades and come in at under $4.

who doesn't love a good statement necklace?  It immediately elevates any outfit.  Why not combine that with Pantone's color of the year for the perfect gift.

and lastly a good bottle of nail polish, we all know I'm a sucker for gold and that obsession only continues when we are talking about nails.  It's perfect for the holidays and adds just the right amount of shimmer.  I bought mine at Target.

here you can see how it looks on your nails

If gold isn't your thing, no place like chrome and penny talk are other great metallic options.  

Have you found any great deals out there lately? 


cdevore said...

Came across your blog (the last name caught my ey ;) ) I just bought the cute wallet and passport holder! Just in time for my trip to Mexico over the holidays! Thanks for the great ideas and love the blog!

cdevore said...
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Unknown said...

ok so i LOVE that wallet... i want to see it when you get it. also, thanks for posting those watches. i have been shopping the michael kors watches and they are just too expensive!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...

I want to know as well how you like the wallet when you get it. I need something like that! And I think I'll also have to get that gold nail polish :)

Unknown said...

@Julianne I will definitely let you know how it is when I get it and I have one of the Target watches and love it. They have lots of different styles to choose from too!

Unknown said...

@Julia Konya I will do an update when I get it, I'm hoping it's as cute as it appears and that gold nail polish is my new favorite, I love it :)

Unknown said...

Any feedback on the wallet? I really want to buy one, but would like to know more about it from a personal experience. Thanks!

Unknown said...

It turned out to be not as great as I thought it would be. It's not bad just a little on the small side. I wanted to be able to use it for my cell phone and a few credit cards and things but it won't all fit. Maybe if I had a slimmer case on my phone it would fit, but it will only hold my credit cards and a little cash. I still use it as a regular wallet though.

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