Bigger is Better

Sometimes bigger really is better.  In this case I'm referring to my dining room light.  I liked the drum shade that we had in there before and really had no intention of changing it until I came across this huge woven shade at the Pottery Barn outlet.  It immediately caught my eye because of the large size and great texture.  It didn't hurt that it was on the clearance rack too.  When I saw the price I snatched it up, it was a steal!

Here's a picture of it from the pottery barn website.  


Here's what the room looked like with the previous light, not bad but could stand to be a little larger.

Here it is with the new light, it's hard to tell how big it is in these pictures but it's HUGE in person.

It has such great texture

These pictures make me miss my cowhide rug in there, but it really just wasn't practical for a dining room.  I'm thinking of changing out the chair cushions or possibly switching out the end chairs for a little more color.  Updates to come!


Jae said...

Curious - why wasn't the cowhide practical for a dining room? I have one in my dining room and love it. It absolutely doesn't stain. Even with red wine!

Unknown said...

Jae, It wasn't impractical from the standpoint of staining or spills it just always seemed to be getting bunched up or in the way. When we would have guests over it seemed like they would have trouble scooting their chairs in without the rug getting folded up and bunched up. I really loved the way it looked though!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I think it looks great. I love the texture.

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