There's something so thrilling to me about finding a good deal and boy did I find some good deals yesterday.  We were running a few errands and stopped by Marshall's.  I always check the sale racks there to see if they have anything that's too good to pass up.  Well, they had brought out the red cart with sale items on it.  If you go to Marshall's often you know the red cart usually contains clearance items that are marked down more than others because they are trying to get rid of them.  Well they must have REALLY been trying to get rid of these items because the prices were unbeatable.  Here's my loot and here's the part you aren't going to believe.  Every one of these items was $0.70!  That's less than the dollar store!!  

1.  A Calvin Klein dress shirt, original price $65, my price $0.70
2.  A lomography camera, sold here for $75, my price $0.70.  A lomography camera takes cool fisheye pics like these
3.  An armband for my iphone when I'm running, original price $10, my price $0.70
4.  Kenneth Cole sunglasses for my hubby, original price $25, my price $0.70   

Total original cost:  $175
My cost: $2.80

pretty good savings huh?


Shannon said...

That's CRAZY! Which Marshalls do you go to? I'm in the Charlotte area!

House of Clark said...

WOW!!! I love Marshall's, they always have great deals, but this is unheard of. How exciting!!!

Dwell by Cheryl said...

Absolutely insane! I'm a serious (dirt cheap) bargain hunter and these are MY kind of deals.

Unknown said...

Shannon, I got these at the Marshall's in Aston village in concord. House of Clark, I know! I couldn't believe it! Cheryl, I'm glad someone shares my joy of bargain hunting! :)

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