Today I ran a half marathon with my sister.  It was wonderful.  The course was absolutely beautiful!  I have run many races before, but this is the first one I've done with my sister and it was one of the best.  She's never been a "runner" before and this is the longest distance she's ever gone.  She did so great and I'm so proud of her!

Of course we had to have matching t-shirts.  So, we made them with  my Silhouette machine.  (I forgot to tell you, I got a Silhouette and I'm so excited about it!!!)  I have a feeling I could spend many hours playing around with it.  It was surprisingly really easy to figure out and the t shirts ended up looking pretty professional.  

During the last mile of the race we passed a small antique shop (we ran through the middle of a small downtown area).  Although I was tempted, I did not stop and shop but I did do a little window shopping.  As we ran by, I jokingly said to this mirror "I'm coming back for you!"  I never pass up an opportunity to look for a good deal.  Since it was so close to where the race ended, I did go back for it and want to know the best part?!?  It was $5!!  I have big plans for this guy. 


Megg said...

did you make those sweet shirts w/ your new toy??? Can't believe you found an antique store during your run...wait yes I can believe it!

Junky Jen said...

great shirts and great story! I think it is awesome that you and your sister did this together!

Amanda said...

oh my gosh!! my sister has been begging me like crazy to run with her. I told her I only run when Im being chased! She did the Nike Womens 1/2 marathon in San Francisco last year. shes a running nut!! she has a blog too (just dont tell her your sister ran with you or she'll make me do it) LOL

Marianne & Clayton said...

And this is why I love your blog. Anyone who will slow down for a antique store in the middle of a race is "of my tribe".

Beth at said...

That's so funny! Love the t-shirts!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

Congrats on finishing another race! I recently ran my first half... and I am hooked! Can't wait to see what you do with the mirror!

Tiffany {Living Savvy}
www {dot} savvydesignwest {dot} com

The Purse-a-holic said...

Congrats on the race! I cannot wait to attempt one of my own.

A Girl's Next Best Friend

SHERRY HART said... glad you did it together and I am sure you cheered her on! I would have gone back for that one the carving.

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