Wow, it's been a while since my last post.  Where have I been?  Thankfully things have really started picking up for me in the design world.  However, working another full time job, training for a half marathon, being involved in church, and trying to spend time with my family has kept me pretty busy!  So, enough of all that, onto the good stuff.  I was approached by a new sleep center opening in our area to give their rooms a facelift.  It was pretty much a blank canvas.  I have done this before and learned quite a few things along the way that made this makeover go over pretty smoothly.  

The rooms are 10 x 10 (pretty small).  When I came into the picture they had already removed old wall coverings, painted the walls white, and replaced the floor with some new carpeting.  Because the rooms had just been freshly painted (and we had some time restraints) I decided to only paint one wall as a focal wall and to bring some much needed color into this otherwise bland room.

My job: redesign two rooms for the sleep center

Things to consider for this room:
*a wipeable headboard for sanitary reasons
*as much storage as possible in the nightstand, since there was only room for one in each room; the nightstand also needed open shelving for storage of equipment - leaving the top free for patient's belongings and lighting.
*serene, calming space conducive to sleep
*mirror for patient's to be able to use
*beds needed to be reinforced to make sure they were stable enough for any weight 

There wasn't a lot of room for accessories (and in this type of commercial space you can't really use many) so I wanted to make the most out of the artwork.  I purchased some beautiful framed leaf prints from a local photographer and an abstract art piece from Homegoods.  However, the art above the bed just wasn't making enough of an impact for me.  So, I covered foam board (from Hobby Lobby) with batting and fabric to provide a backdrop for the art to be featured on.  It makes the art stand out more and adds more depth and texture to the room.  So onto the good stuff, the pictures!


along the way...putting these nightstands together was way more time consuming than I originally intended (one of the disadvantages to using Overstock) but I persevered and got them done!  I think it took me three hours to do two.

pardon my work attire, there was a whole lot of painting, hammering, sweating, lifting, etc. going on

 and now for the after...

as you can see, the equipment fits perfectly on the shelf of the nightstand leaving the top open.  I love it when a plan comes together!

It was a long exhausting day, but it's so rewarding to see the transformation of a space!  Truth be told, I probably could have just crawled right into one of those beds and went to sleep ;)

On another note, Happy Mother's day to my wonderful mother!  She helped me tremendously with this space, I couldn't have done it without her.  I love you mom!

sources:  Pillows-TJ Maxx  Quilts-TJ Maxx  
Lamps-Homegoods  Abstract Art-Homegoods  Leaf Prints-local photographer(contact me for more info)  mirrors-Hobby Lobby


Ashley Eiban said...

Beautiful job! Love the color and the rooms look so much more relaxing than that sterile room before! :D

Amanda said...

NICE!! Great job!! I'd sleep there! LOL :-)

The Purse-a-holic said...

Great job, love the look!

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Christen said...

Oh, gosh, that is amazing!

Steph said...

drop dead gorgeous room! It looks like a hotel and I love that you showed so many pics. I will have to peek around while I am here!!

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