Quatrefoil Bag

I had some great before pictures of this bag, but they are somewhere on my old iphone that so sadly got broken.  Just picture black, plain, kind of worn out, etc.  It needed some "oomph."  I wanted something I could take to client's homes to house my ipad and other design tools.  This was my husband's old laptop bag and it was on it's way to Goodwill so if I messed it up no big deal.  So I used a little wonder under....

Then, I cut the fabric to size and ironed it on my bag.  It worked perfectly!  I wanted to make it a little more personalized so I added these iron on embroidery letters from Hobby Lobby.  (The fabric is from Hobby Lobby as well)

it may not last forever, but it has done great so far and I love it!


Unknown said...

what a gorgeous bag!! Looks like you paid a million books! It sure would impress me if I were one of your clients.


Amanda said...

shut the front door!! You did not!!! I love this!!! I have this exact fabric in my laundry room as a bench cover-I love it!! heart Hob Lob!

Barbara Matson said...

what a fantastic idea!

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