Frog Tape

I'm a lover of Frog tape.  I've used it on so many projects with great success.  I was so excited when the people at Frog tape contacted me about an exciting contest.  My wheels are already turning with all the projects I can do to enter.  There aren't enough hours in the day!!  So, I thought I might share it with you in case some of your are interested in entering. 

Here are some of the details:

DIY’ers are being challenged to show us their most impressive painting project, whether stripes, geometric shapes or bold colors

First Prize: $5,000, Second Prize: $2,500, Third Prize: $1,000

Entry Period: 4/1/11 – 6/30/11

All entries go through an approval process before being displayed in the Earn Your Stripes Gallery

and this is the best part, everybody gets something!! :), for each approved entry we will be giving one FrogTape Gift Bag, which includes two rolls of FrogTape, a reusable FrogTape bag and a cool FrogTape t-shirt. 

Visit the contest page for more details.


Anonymous said...

I've heard SO many great things about this tape! I honestly cannot wait to try it out on my next painting project. Thanks for the great post!

Jenny said...

Frog tape ROCKS. I'm a total convert. :-)

Karen said...

I just submitted my entry. Great job on posting this & I love Frog Tape too!!

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