Fleece Blankets

You have probably seen these before but I am going to share some of the ones I made with you.  These fleece blankets are so easy to make and there are so many different, cute prints to choose from.  They have pretty much every sports team and several other cute designs.  I got some of my fabric from hancock fabrics and then I ordered some online.  I chose to do sports teams since my husband's family is really into football.  I gave these to them as Christmas gifts and they loved them!  I ended up making six of them in all and I don't really want to see fleece again for quite a while... :)  They are so warm and soft and great for taking to a game or just lounging around the house.  Here are the steps I followed to make them:

*2 to 2.5 yards fleece fabric (you can make it as large or small as you want)
        -I used 2.5 yards of solid fleece for one side and 2.5 yards of printed fleece for the other side
*Sharp Scissors


1.  Lay your fabric out on a large flat area, one piece on top of the other.
2. Line up the edges the best you can and then you will need to go around the edges and trim whatever excess you have to make it even.  It doesn't have to be perfect but just get it as close as you can.
3.  Next, pin your fabric together about 5-6 inches in on all sides, this just keeps it from sliding while you are working on it.
4.  Now you will need to cut a 5 inch square from each of the corners. 
5.  Then, you can start cutting your fringe.  Work around the edges cutting each strip five inches long and about one inch wide.  Work your way around the whole blanket. 
6.  Now, you are ready to start tying your fringe.  It's best to tie a square knot, and make sure you tie the same way all the way around or some of your fringe will look different.  You will be tying the top piece to the bottom piece.  Once you have done this you are finished!  You have a nice, warm blanket perfect for a gift or yourself! :)

Here are a couple of the ones I made...

Those are the only two I took pictures of.  I hate that I forgot to take pictures of the other ones.  I made one for my mother and father in law that has Florida gators argyle on one side and Ohio State argyle on the other side.  He is an Ohio State fan and she is a Florida Gators fan.  They loved it but they argue over which side is facing up when they cover up with it! :)  I have to give my hubby credit for that idea, he is starting to get in touch with his creative side!


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