Dress It Up

I showed this dresser before as one of my "before" and "afters." Now I'm going to show you another "after." I decided to do a little tweaking. I liked the way it looked before but just wanted to spice it up a bit and it didn't cost me anything. I took some painters tape and leftover white paint and went to town. The only thing that was kind of a pain, was that some of the paint definitly bled through. At first I couldn't figure out why and then I realized my husband had recently dusted the whole thing with Pledge so the tape wouldn't stick. (yes, believe it or not my husband actually enjoys cleaning, he's the best :) So, I just had to get a tiny detail brush and touch up the areas where it bled. Doing that for over an hour will about make you go crazy.

Here is what it looked like before...

and now with the addition of the stripes...

I would love to change out the drawer pulls eventually to something a little more glam. I saw some that I love at Hobby Lobby but they are $5 (and that's at 50% off.) Not a bad price but multiply that times 16 and it's more than I want to pay. Here are some that have the look I'm going for. These first ones are from Overstock for $1.99! (Now, that's a price I can handle, but they are out of stock)

and these are also fun, from

and as always, Anthropology has some great ones... (this one is my second favorite)

and my very favorite, which also just happens to be the most expensive (go figure, that always happens to me-these are also from anthropology)


Holly Myers said...


I went into my local ReStore the other day and thought of YOU! Maybe you have been in one before, but since you have such a good eye for everything decorative and the potential for old made new, I thought you should see if they have a store close to you!

Dwellings by DeVore said...

Yes, they actually do have two near me! I check them out frequently :) They are one of my favorite places to go. Thanks for thinking of me!

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