Dining Room Hutch

I have been seeing so many people with hutches in their homes recently and it got me thinking. We have a buffet style table in our dining room that came with a top piece to make it into a hutch. When we first moved in, I decided I wanted to break it up a little and just use the buffet part. So, that left the top part just sitting in our garage. After a while, I got tired of it and wanted to switch it up a little. So, we rearranged a bit and decided to reunite the two pieces again. I really like having all the extra storage it provides. I'm thinking about starting a milk glass collection and displaying it in this cabinet. For now it houses all my white and glass dishes.

I forgot to take a before picture, so this is one from the fall.

and here it is after!

Six months from now it may be back to the way it was, you never know... :) I definitly like the extra storage and I feel like it's not being wasted by just sitting in the garage.


Anny said...

I like it both ways! That mirror is such an exact match - tell me it didn't end up in the garage :(

Unknown said...

Oh no, it's just moved on to another wall in the dining room. I am going to post a picture of that soon. I'm waiting on something to come in the mail that's going to spice it up a little bit :)

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