$10 table

I found this table on Craig's list for $10!  At first I didn't believe it but after calling and talking to the lady who was selling it I realized it was true!  At the time we already had a dining table for our kitchen but this deal was just too good to pass up.  It definitly needed a little work (they must have had a ferrocious dog because the legs were completely chewed up) but I figured even if it didn't turn out well I was only out $10.  The original plan was to strip and stain the whole thing.  Once, I started stripping it I realized I wasn't up for the challenge of removing all the stain from the base of it so I decided just to stain the top and paint the bottom.  For some reason I was always intimidated by stain, but it was actually super easy.  Here are the before and after pictures.  I also found some $15 chairs at the thrift store to go with it, but you will just have to wait until tomorrow to see those... :)



Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

LOVE that huge vase on top of the table in the last two pics! And this was a great looks beautiful now:)

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